Our Mission

The mission of Californians for Zero-Emission Vehicles (CalZEV) is to harness the power of diverse communities and stakeholders to create transformative change and accelerate the transition to zero-emission, battery-electric transportation for all. We are a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization currently working toward the passage of the Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) rule in January 2019, so that all California communities can breathe freely. Our coalition members work to provide intersectional education on zero-emission transportation and creating entry points for new grassroots activists and grasstops organizers to engage in their local communities. CalZEV is committed to creating clean air for all by building inclusive public transit.



CalZEV Coalition Members

Californians for Zero Emission Vehicles (CalZEV), a broad-based coalition of public health, environmental, industry, and scientific organizations.



Join CalZEV

The California Air Resources Board is expected to make a decision on the Innovative Clean Transit measure in January 2019. Join us in support for the ICT measure today for the health of our environment, our economy, and most importantly, our children.

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